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Full and Associate Membership in the World Hypertension League (WHL) is open to organizations, societies, and leagues who are aligned with the assessment, prevention and control of hypertension as well as reductions in non-communicable disease.  Corporate Sponsorship is open to corporations and institutions that are commercially aligned with the prevention and control of hypertension and reductions in non-communicable disease.

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President's Message

It is a special privilege to represent you as your President through 2025. WHL has a legacy of outstanding leaders from Dr. Tom Strasser down to my predecessor, Dr. XinHua Zhang. My goal as your President is to serve WHL members in our shared aspiration to prevent and control high blood pressure.

There are many people to acknowledge and thank for their participation and the success of the World Hypertension League. Our quarterly newsletter provides the latest news about hypertension, our members and our partners.
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