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Virtual Course - Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

The Carolinas-Georgia-Florida Chapter of American Society of Hypertension connect students and professionals with the tools, training, and resources necessary to provide quality healthcare, with a focus on primary care for rural and underserved communities. The chapter recruits, trains, sustains, and inspires a broad range of health professionals to practice in underserved communities to maintain a high-quality healthcare safety net. Their mission is to: 

  • Connect students to healthcare careers; 
  • Connect healthcare providers to the communities that need them; 
  • Connect communities to better health through access to healthcare resources;
  • Connect South Carolina to better health overall.


https://www.scahec.net/learn/ programs – Includes Hypertension education modules continuously being updated which features program listings for: continuing professional development, health professions students, high school and college students, and AHEC scholars.

Management of Hypertension in Primary Care | Assessment
Hypertension is a long-recognized health burden in the US, and particularly the southeastern region of the US. Recent treatment guidelines have been developed to categorize blood pressure levels and treatment. This program addresses the implementation of the guidelines in primary care settings with a special focus for clinics serving underserved patient populations. This program focuses on assessment of hypertension, secondary hypertension, and target organ damage. CME release date November 22, 2021; expiration date: November 22, 2024

American Society of Hypertension regional chapters: leveraging the impact of the clinical hypertension specialist in the local community

Impacting Population Cardiovascular Health Through a Community-Based Practice Network: Update on an ASH-Supported Collaborative

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