Wednesday, July 23, 2014
A Charitable Organization Dedicated to the Prevention and Control of Hypertension Globally

WHL Membership Application Forms

Any individual, organization, corporation, or society may sponsor the World Hypertension League.  Sponsorship may be anonymous or, if you prefer, we may announce your sponsorship in our newsletter and our website.  Please provide your logo and/or contact information for us to disseminate and post.  Refer to the WHL CIBC account information tab to mail or wire your sponsorship funds.  As of 2014, there is no minimum and any sponsorship will be greatly appreciated.

Click here to view the Organization Membership and Guidance Application Form

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For further information and inquiries, contact:
Mark Niebylski, PhD, MBA, MS
World Hypertension League - CEO
168 South Hills Rd.
Clancy, MT  59634