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World Hypertension Day 2017

The World Hypertension League (WHL) in partnership with the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) is excited to celebrate World Hypertension Day (WHD) 2017!  World Hypertension Day will be celebrated on May 17, 2017. The theme for World Hypertension Day is Know Your Numbers with a goal of increasing high blood pressure (BP) awareness in all populations around the world.

Help Us Get 25 Million Blood Pressure Screenings!!!!!

The WHL has designed a reporting form for organizations to use in recording their BP Measurements.  The link below will allow you to download this form for use.

Click Here to download the WHL World Hypertension Day Reporting Form

We have two logos for World Hypertension Day 2017 to suit a variety of needs.  The links below will allow you to view the two logos and save them.

Click Here to view and save one of the World Hypertension Day 2017 Logos!

Click Here to view and save the other World Hypertension Day 2017 Logo!


In honor of WHD 2017 Niagara Falls will be lit up red and blue on May 16th, 2017 at 10:00 pm ET for 15 minutes to help spread awareness! 

To share your World Hypertension Day Celebrations Tweet us @WorldHyperLeag and share what you are doing with #KnowYourNumbers

We are so excited to celebrate with you!