Wednesday, July 30, 2014
A Charitable Organization Dedicated to the Prevention and Control of Hypertension Globally

WHL Policy Statement on Publications and Presentations

WHL Policy Statement to identify, solicit, develop, draft, brand, review, submit articles for publication, presentation, website posting, and/or public release. April 2014

  • Hypertension topics for research, write-up, publication, media release, policy statements, website postings, presentation, success stories, and related manuscripts will be identified by WHL leadership to include the Communications Committee, Executive, and Executive Board.
  • Solicitation of papers and presentations may be made to council members for presentation at Council meetings and/or publication and will be in accordance with the WHL by-laws.
  • Authors for papers, media releases, and presentations will be identified and, with Executive approval, outreached by the WHL CEO and/or Office Manager.
  • Drafts of documents, articles and/or presentations will feature the WHL logo and the logo of any supporting organizations upon Executive approval. WHL endorsement of papers and publications will require majority approval of the WHL Executive.
  • Drafts of documents, articles and/or presentations featuring the WHL brand will be circulated through the CEO and/or office manager for internal review then communicated to the Executive for consideration and review.
  • For publication of WHL articles in peer-reviewed journals, The Journal of Clinical Hypertension (JCH) will be the journal of choice though other journals may be considered such as when a special invitation from another journal has been received and accepted by the Executive or when a publication is the by-product of scientific conference/symposia presentations.
  • Authors representing the WHL will need to state any financial disclosures or other conflicts of interest (COI) in their publications or policies (refer to WHL COI policy).
  • Articles that are endorsed or written by the WHL Executive will be formatted, branded and submitted by the WHL CEO and/or office manager to JCH. Articles written by invited authors will be submitted to JCH independently from WHL and it will be the responsibility of the authors to meet the standards and format requirements of JCH.
  • Following this WHL review process, manuscripts approved for publication in JCH will be sent to the JCH Liaison to journal for publication.
  • Publications in the JCH will be available to all involved with the WHL to include supporting organizations who share their logos for multi-branding of manuscripts. These publications will be accessible by clicking on the “About JCH” link ( on the WHL website and other WHL communications.
  • The Annual WHL Dietary Sodium Fact Sheet will be linked to and promoted during World Salt Week and the Annual WHL Hypertension Fact Sheet will be linked to and promoted during World Hypertension Day. Preferably, updated versions of these two documents will appear in JCH annually.
  • All WHL members, sponsors, and partners will be encouraged to utilize the JCH resources particularly those dedicated to the prevention and control of Hypertension.