Thursday, July 24, 2014
A Charitable Organization Dedicated to the Prevention and Control of Hypertension Globally



Dr. Norman Campbell

Dr. Norman Campbell

Professor, Department of Medicine
University of Calgary
Northwest Calgary, Alberta, Canada

 Chief Executive Officer

Mark L. Niebylski

Dr. Mark L. Niebylski

World Hypertension League
Clancy, Montana, USA

Past President

Dr. Liu Lisheng

Dr. Liu Lisheng

Fu Wai Hospital
Beijing, China 

Vice President/

Dr. Daniel T. Lackland

Dr. Daniel T. Lackland

WHL Newsletter Editor
Department of Biometry & Epidemiology
Medical University of South Carolina
Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Secretary General

Dr. Xin-Hua Zhang

Dr. Xin-Hua Zhang

Professor of Medicine
Beijing Hypertension League Institute 
Beijing, China



Dr. Peter M. Nilsson

Dr. Peter M Nilsson

Professor of Cardiovascular Research
Consultant Dept. Clinical Sciences
Lund University
Malmö, Sweden


Board of Directors

Dr. V.V. Muthusamy

Dr. V. V. Muthusamy

       Emeritus Professor of Cardiology
                     The Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical University,
India Medical Director & Chief Cardiologist
Sugapriya Park Hospital,
 Madurai, India

Dr. Anita Rieder

           Dr. Anita Rieder
         Professor of Social Medicine Center
for Public Health,
Institute of Social Medicine
Vienna, Austria



Dr. Istemihan Tengiz

Dr. Istemihan Tengiz
Professor of Cardiology
Izmir University Medicalpark Hospital
Cardiology Dept.
Karşıyaka-Izmir, Turkey


Limited Term Advisors

Dr. Daniel Lemogoum

Dr. Daniel Lemogoum

Professor of cardiovascular medicine
Douala School of Médicine & Pharmaceutic sciences
University of Douala, Cameroon


Dr. Krasimira Hristova

Dr. Krasimira Hristova

University National Heart Hospital
Dept. of Noninvasive Functional Diagnostic & Imaging
Sofia, Bulgaria



Dr. Marcelo Orias

Dr. Orias

The National University of Cordoba
Cordoba, Argentina


Special Advisor 

Dr. Darwin LaBarthe

Dr. Labarthe

Northwestern University
Chicago, Illinois, USA


International Society of Hypertension Representatives (Ex-officio, non-voting members)

Dr. Ernesto Schiffrin


Dr. Schiffrin

Jewish General Hospital
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dr. Stephen Harrap

 Dr. Harrap

The University of Melbourne
Victoria, Australia